Stretch-IT Office Closure – 21st August 2010 – 29th August 2010

We did not climb Uluru

Image by nosha via Flickr

In August Adelaide can become quite cold and wet. Fortunately the NT and Central Australia is quite warm and dry this time of year….. so that is where we are heading for a week!

Our office will be closed from August 21st until the 30th August while we make the treck up the middle of Australia.

I have to admit, this break has been a welcome one indeed. The swags are packed and the ice boxes are ready for a getaway to warm us all!

Even though we will be away, still feel free to contact us and we will get back to you in about 3000km’s ๐Ÿ™‚ read more

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Search Engine Ranking

Content is King (old saying, but never fails you!)

If you are searching in the engines, you are looking for something specific usually, something that requires information given to you so thought should be given to the words users would type...

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Free Website Promotion

Sometimes all your site needs is a little kick in the right direction. Often finding the right website promotion can be difficult, let alone a free website promotion. So here is a quick read on some tips to get Repeated Web Traffic Using Free Website Promotion

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Stretch-IT December ’09 Update

iPhone firmware/software update 1.0.1

Image by .schill via Flickr

It appears after a very busy month of organising several projects, we finally unleashed frenzy on out keyboards and created the much needed, and awaited, Stretch-IT site upgrade!

First off, I need to mention we did have a couple hickups, the first being our email responder was not activated meaning for a few days our subscribers wanting to get their free ebook “13th Sin Of Marketing” were not recieving all the details to download their copy. This has been rectified and if for some reason you still have not received your email, contact Stretch-IT here read more

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