Aria Electrical – Electricians in North Perth

Sometimes when you own a business the step of entering in to the world of the web can be delayed no more. My friends at Aria Electrical in Perth offer domestic and commercial electrical services to the North Perth area and have just release their new website (actually is their first website).

When they asked me how they can get Google to find this brand new website I said “Get someone else to tell Google you exist!”

What does that mean?

By having a website that Google already is aware of creating some content and linking back to the new site is like having your best friend tell you about the latest thing you must check out! read more

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Affordable Adelaide Web design

Affordable Adelaide Web Design

We speak to many Adelaide business owners about what E-Solutions best fit their marketing design and the common factor they all share is the need for affordable Adelaide webdesign!

From this point, we see a diverse array of choices, opinions and budgets as to what is affordable web design?

Affordability is not simply a measure of how much it is going to cost, but an amalgamation of providing customers with solutions to their needs, the revenue that can be achieved by providing this to them and having the ability to bring these two together.

I realise an amalgamation by definition is the 'bringing together to create one', but this can not be overlooked so I repeated it. Having a web site made and placing it on the WWW is not enough any more. The online business card is no more. You must, you must, you must provide the users what they seek or you will be left in the dark, as you have left them.

As an Adelaide business owner, or any where for that matter, you have to know what reasons you need your website, why people would look for it, what will you provide the visitors and how will you continue to serve them.

When wanting affordable Adelaide web design, think about what you want out of it, before considering what to put into it and you will be surprised at how affordable it can actually be!

Keep in mind webdesign is not only about the 'look' of the web site, but also the functionality of it! From selling products or services be it digital or tangible, email or SMS marketing, digital online brochures or simply some good old PR content to provide for your visitors you need to consider an Adelaide webdesign company that can offer you affordable e-solutions.

Contact StretchIT today to discuss your needs.

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flip books

Digital Marketing – eBrochures, ecatalogs, flip books… what are they?

Digital marketing plays a huge role in business today. From email marketing to video presentations, mobile marketing to web sites as a business owner you need to consider these if you wish to take advantage over your competition. At Stretch-IT we handle all of these and we are proud to announce our services now offer eBrochue flip books!

What are eBrochures?

Well they are known by many names, flip books, flash books, ecatalogs and more.

What do they do?

They provide an interactive publication to your customers, clients and users in a way that keeps interest. Traditionally a digital book came in the form of a .pdf where the user simply clicked ‘next page’ to read on. With eBrochures the use can now physically turn each page as if they are reading a magazine, listen to audio messages playing in the background, turn a page and see a video streaming right into the book, print for later reading offline or view in from their mobile device! read more

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Stretch-IT now with a devoted site for web design

This post is now out of date

We are please to announce that as of March 2011 all our web design services will be handled from our team at

Everonsoft have created many beautifully designed websites over the last few years and now All Stretch-IT clients will get the same quality design.

EveronSoft ScreenShot


Still business as usual for Stretch-IT for all Web Marketing, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Hosting & Domains. Our new client area will be ready soon so you can manage all your hosting, domains and invoices.

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We are live… again!

For General Exhibition

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A brief note to first say, sorry for the delay in getting back online. Our site upgrade took a while longer than expected but we are live again my friends!

I intend on posting some very insightful posts over the next couple of weeks… but do not be alarmed, I won’t limit it to just these coming weeks. I have been bashing away at this keyboard proofing many many posts that I will share with you in the hope to assist your SEO and of course, give some free advice.

SEO can be easy when you don’t over complicate it! But there are many traps to be falling into when not careful! So subscribe to our RSS to make sure you get the info as it is posted! read more

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