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Digital Marketing – eBrochures, ecatalogs, flip books… what are they?

Digital marketing plays a huge role in business today. From email marketing to video presentations, mobile marketing to web sites as a business owner you need to consider these if you wish to take advantage over your competition. At Stretch-IT we handle all of these and we are proud to announce our services now offer eBrochue flip books!

What are eBrochures?

Well they are known by many names, flip books, flash books, ecatalogs and more.

What do they do?

They provide an interactive publication to your customers, clients and users in a way that keeps interest. Traditionally a digital book came in the form of a .pdf where the user simply clicked ‘next page’ to read on. With eBrochures the use can now physically turn each page as if they are reading a magazine, listen to audio messages playing in the background, turn a page and see a video streaming right into the book, print for later reading offline or view in from their mobile device!

As a business delivering your publications in a unique way provides a unique point of difference. You can also track your publications using Google Analytics so you know how many people are reading, where they are reading from and how long the are reading for.

Having this knowledge can greatly help in ascertaining where to market, who to market and how to market them.

Stretch-IT can create your eBrochure flipbook from your current catalogue or we can design and create the entire project.

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