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Content is King (old saying, but never fails you!)

If you are searching in the engines, you are looking for something specific usually, something that requires information given to you so thought should be given to the words users would type to find a specific topic. With search engine ranking each page must include appropriate words within it, but do not stuff the page with these words! Search engines are getting smarter, regardless if using the giant Google, or the more local Sensis, and will find related terms such as “hairdresser” for “barber” and word derivation like “play / playing” and usually cover typos / spelling errors also! Keyword stuffing will only hurt your search engine ranking.

Content Checklist

  • Create information that is useful. A content rich site that clearly and accurately describes your topics.
  • Try to use text instead of images to display important names, content or links. Search engines can’t read images, and neither can people with visual disabilities. (use alt in the img tag <img src=”myimage.jpg” alt=”My Keywords” /> )
  • Make your topics original, or atleast make the content itself original! Research first to make sure you are not duplicating!
  • If you offer a page that is lengthy, consider breaking it up into parts. The users will enjoy reading as they do not get overwhelmed with information. Search engines will also have a better chance of targeting each page more specifically!
  • Say what you need to say, and say no more! Don’t deviate from the topic at hand, if you need to, then make a seperate page and link to it!
  • Email… what you say? Email your content to be proof read (avoid printing, I like trees!). Getting another opinion can only benefit you. Newspapers won’t publish crap stories, search engines won’t rank crap high either (unless you search for it!).
  • By providing links to similar stories/web pages you not only offer your readers more quality content, but you are iterating to the search engines what it is about.
  • Referencing citations and sources indicates to search engines that the content is that of research quality.
  • Illegal content within a page will most likely result in that page’s omission from search engines and more than likely your web-host also!

Content Summary

Search engine ranking is not rocket science, and search engines will know this page is not about “rocket science”! Place your energy and time into creating content that is of use to people… the humans of the internet, not the robots of search engines! Search engines are made for humans to be the end users, not themselves!

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