If you're not on the first page of Google, you're invisible.

Once you are there, what can you expect?

Many businesses that focus on SEO need to know what it means to be ranked on Google. With a significantly higher (CTR) Click Through Rate curve for Google than for Bing, the below data suggests that Google's organic results are more reliable, as many users abandon searches. However, this is simply an interesting implication from the CTR studies found at slingshot seo. Read on to see how SEO Pricing is structured or view our SEO Pricing.

Every month, roughly 117 million searches are made for "google" in Bing

The below chart shows the use of search engines in Australia according to Google Keyword Planner & StatCounter (2016)

Lets use a real world example;
search for "adelaide plumbers" has roughly 400 searches per month in Australia
search for "adelaide family lawyer" has roughly 250 searches per month in Australia
search for "adelaide dentist" has roughly 500 searches per month in Australia

Using the above studies, we can learn that if you were ranked on page 1 in Google, this would be your expected visitors per month;

What Would You Do With More Website Visitors?

If you are not on page 1 of Google for your chosen keywords, then you are potentially missing leads, and less leads equals less sales!

Limiting yourself to a single keyword to be found by on Google, usually your business name, means the searcher already needs to know of your brand and when used with radio advertising, can be beneficial. You still need your core services or products to be searchable on page 1!

Is Your Competition Ranking Above You?

If your competition is outranking you then it is possible they are doing the same for other keywords! Consider different variations of keywords. Did you know that when you search on Google, Google gives you other ideas on what to search for? When searching for "adelaide plumbers" an you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a related searches area, like below.

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Stretch Your Online Presence with Multiple Keywords

It's time to face the facts, we are living in an online world and while fossil fuels reign, the internet will continue. If you have not already made your stamp online, act now before your competition does. Securing multiple keywords sounds daunting, but we made it easy for you with several packages ranging from a few keywords, up to the 100's.

Organic SEO

Organic (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation is the process used to enable your site to rank better on Google! Whether you are a small business or larger corporation, you will benefit from Page 1 results when you convert those leads into sales!

If you could get an extra 500 potential customers a month seeing your website, and could only convert 10% of them, that is an extra 50 customers to you! What is each customer worth to your business? Lexus studies show each customer is worth $600,000 to them as they know word of mouth from new customers will generate more sales.

50 Extra Customers at $300 Per Customer... Income Boost?

With a $300 per customer as a value to your business, and an extra 50 customers, that is $15,000 per month in potential income! Lets say a customer has a value of $50 to you, could your business do with an extra $2,500 every month?

Calculate it yourself based on your business, see what you may be missing out on.

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