Advanced SEO Site Consultation – Monthly Campaign

$2,997.00 / month

This monthly SEO Campaign is a follow up service the out Advanced SEO Site Consultation service. If we have not conducted this service we recommend contacting us to get a custom quote for your SEO needs.


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This monthly SEO Campaign is a follow up service the out Advanced SEO Site Consultation service. If we have not conducted this service we recommend contacting us to get a custom quote for your SEO needs.

Summary of the SEO Site Consultation

  • In Depth On-Page analysis from tenured SEO’s
  • Competitive analysis against competitors holding the top search positions for your desired keywords
  • Google Search Console setup and integration (or permissions granted)
  • Google Analytics setup and integration (or permissions granted)
  • Structural analysis of your site in terms of target page click-depth and semantic content support
  • Digital footprint overview with actionable recommendations


  • Keyword Targeted’ness
    – URL Edits (10)
    – Meta Title Edits (10)
    – Meta Description Edits (10)
    – Meta Keywords (10)
    – Content Keywords Targeting (10)
    – H1 Edits (10)
    – (Subheaders)
    – Image ALT Tagging  (10)
  • Content Creation
    – Keyword Integration (10)
    – On-Page Content Creation (10)
    – On-Page Content Internal Linking (10)
    – Comparative Content Volume Review (10)
    – Image ALT Tag Creation (10)
    – Canonical (10)
  • Schema Implementation
    – Breadcrumbs
    – Product Schema
    – Local Business Schema (Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Operating Hours, Category, Image)
    – Event Schema
    – Restaurant Schema
  • Content
    – Indexed Content
    – Originality / Duplication (10)
    – Keyword Presence (30-50)
    – Competitive Content Volume Analysis (10)
    – Internal Linking Support (10)
    – Content Formats / Rich Media (10)
    – Image Alt Tags (10)
    – URL Optimisation (10)
    – Freshness | Blog Content (4)
  • Semantic Mark-Up
    – GWT
    – Schema



1. How does it work?
  • Several website owners run SEO Campaigns for 6 months before additional opportunities are found.  Several Keywords make it into the first page but are just short of the holy grail of positions 1 to 3 of search. This is due to leveraging broad ranking strategies within the first few months of the campaign but may not necessarily have the complexity to earn top positions in search.
  • This program is designed to find as many known on-page ranking metrics that can be leveraged by site owners and identify create recommendations of how they can be used to empower the site to become more visible to users.
    With the right authority, and a sufficiently sized digital footprint, this program is designed to earn above the fold rankings in search.
2. What do I get?
  • At the end of the first month, you will receive a full analytical report of the site exploring your how your site leverages existing known quality signals for Search engines and contrasts it to your competitor’s application of search metrics.  Then we perform an analysis of your entire digital footprint with explanations on our findings and recommendations on what you can do moving forward to maximize your site’s ranking equity.
  • This covers up to 50 keywords, 10 to 20 pages of on-page content recommendation, 16hrs of Project Management hours, and a domain-wide consult all executed by our SEO analysts.
  • This program is specifically designed to find as many opportunities your site can leverage as possible.  It is exclusive of content or technical implementation.  The subsequent subscription to the this package addresses the additional content required, semantic code mark-ups, and implementation needed to drive the opportunities identified in the first month’s assessment.
3. What does this service do?
  • This service identifies how your site is indexed by the Google Search Engine specifically, how search  metric compliant the website is, the semantic value of your content, the  keyword targeted’ness of your pages, the technical structure advantage you have against your competitors and core site characteristics that can benefit or hinder your SEO effort.  In addition, it has the ability to find any manual or algorithmic penalty that may have been applied on to your site or domain historically which may prevent future SEO activities from being as effective as they can be.
4. What types of sites is this service recommended to?
  • This is strongly recommended for highly collaborative clients and websites that possess some incumbent authority (PR 2 or better)
5. Would this guarantee ranking of my page?
  • As with any legitimate SEO strategy, these are not designed to guarantee rankings.  They are designed to identify and search metric advantages your competitors use that your site does not leverage and identify ranking opportunities for your website and the business it represents.


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