Print Branding Package – Logo, Letterhead & Business Card


Improve any brand with custom-made logo, beautiful letterhead and business card design, all included in one package

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The Print Branding Package provides an all-in-one solution to establish a business’ branding. The package includes custom logo design and creation, letterhead, and business card design. Tailored for offline branding, the resulting letterhead and business card templates can be used and reused to create numerous marketing collateral’s.

  • All-in-one solution for new businesses seeking to create and establish their branding. The package provides for a custom logo created for the business and templates that can be used as offline marketing materials.
  • Each design offers two design studies and includes unlimited revisions on each design to ensure client satisfaction. We also provide lifetime storage of all the files under your client dashboard.
  • Full colour vector-based artwork created in Illustrator. Scalable. End product available in multiple file formats.


  • 2 design studies per design (2 each per logo, letterhead, and business card design)
  • Custom design, created specifically for your business based on your brand’s personality
  • Logo: vector-based, scalable dimensions
  • 15-day turnaround time
  • All full-color vector artwork created in Illustrator
  • Lifetime storage
  • File Formats: .jpg, .png, .eps, pdf, or .tiff


1. How does it work?

  • Once you finish your purchase and completed the client brief, our designers will receive your order and begin researching for possible designs based on the information you provided. We will create a logo design first before any design for the letterhead and business card is created.
  • From the two mockups, you would have to choose one design study and provide additional feedback. We would then have several rounds of revisions based on that study to guarantee that you get exactly the design that you want. Once the logo is finalised, that is the only time we would create the business cards and newsletters.
  • All files would then be uploaded to your dashboard and sent via email.

2. What is the finished product?

  • For the logo design:
    – Logo at 300 PPI, vector-based, scaleable
    – Available in .jpg, .png, .eps, .pdf, and .tiff
  • For letterhead and business card design:
    – Available in .pdf, eps, and .tiff

3. How long does the process take?

  • Our normal process with an average 1 or 2 revision would take approximately 15 days from the submission of the client brief. This set time will be longer based on the number of revisions.

4. How does unlimited revisions work?

  • This means that we would execute requests for revisions as long as the product is not yet finalised and the changes are properly deemed as revision. Any work that would take us more than an hour to execute or would have to be a change on the foundation of the design or would involve a total overhaul of the design would not be considered any more as a revision.

5. Can you use ‘X’ font and ‘X’ images in your design?

  • Yes, of course, if you provide it. Our designers can use any fonts or images you want to be included in the design as long as you provide it either through the brief or through your Project Manager. Please note that fonts and images you provide us must be owned by you or at least licensed to you. Unless there are specific fonts requested or provided, we will only use standard system fonts or free fonts that do not have copyright.


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