Stretch-IT December ’09 Update

iPhone firmware/software update 1.0.1

Image by .schill via Flickr

It appears after a very busy month of organising several projects, we finally unleashed frenzy on out keyboards and created the much needed, and awaited, Stretch-IT site upgrade!

First off, I need to mention we did have a couple hickups, the first being our email responder was not activated meaning for a few days our subscribers wanting to get their free ebook “13th Sin Of Marketing” were not recieving all the details to download their copy. This has been rectified and if for some reason you still have not received your email, contact Stretch-IT here

Our site was producing “404 errors” for apparently unknown reasons. These reasons were located and rectified promptly!

We have catered for our mobile users by using a mobile template that should automatically load for you. If it doesn’t, just scroll down and select to use the mobile version!
For those with slow internet, this may be an option for you also!

We also have our twitter profile running for our micro-blogging community, simply follow us @Stretch_IT

If you are busy, and want to get our information when it more suits you, then use our RSS feature, either use your favorite reader, or subscribe via email

From Stretch-IT, we wish you all a safe, happy and prosperous new year in 2010!

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